Busy But Balanced

In Busy But Balanced, author Mimi Doe says, “A lack of presentness colors most of our lives. We are managing our children instead of enjoying their companionship. We are getting ahead in our jobs rather than relishing what we do each day. We seem to be running a race we didn’t realize we signed up for, with no finish line in sight.”

Does this sound familiar? Most of us have yet to create the time and space in our lives to examine, slow down, enjoy and be in touch with the presence of each moment. We have the potential to live a balanced life but without reminders and tips, it’s something we will pursue tomorrow, the next day, next month, next year, and finally… when the kids are grown.

Mimi Doe guides us back into the rhythm of life, offering us a rich treasure of suggestions that will create a deeper connection with our family and with our own beings. Busy But Balanced is a year-long balance guide with monthly ideas, insight quizzes, balancing tips, articles, resources, and inspirational quotes to help us calmly through our parenting journey.

The book is divided into seasons and then months, with holiday ideas and weather-appropriate suggestions, so that readers can follow along through the year and easily incorporate favorite ideas into their lifestyle.

Part 1, for instance, begins with Winter and January, the beginning of the year when appropriately, most people “start fresh.” Mimi suggests, “Let go of old definitions you might have of your children and see them as the vast spiritual beings they are today. Be open to knowing your family, day by day, in this new year.”

She follows up with an abundance of tools with which we may put her message into motion. Her parenting tips can be adapted to children of all ages. My favorites are: “Brew up a pot of tea when you reconnect with your child at the end of the day. Pour a cup for each of you in special mugs or china tea cups. Sit at the kitchen table and listen to your child until your cups are empty.” And, “Look deeply into your child’s eyes right now. Pause in whatever you are doing and grab that sweet soul by the shoulders, spin him around, and tell him how very much you adore him, whether he is two or twenty-two.”

As I write this, I open the book to March and see parenting chants, prayers or affirmations, all of which are inspirational, calming and healing. My favorite topic for this month is the section on celebrating Spring’s arrival. One tip suggests, “Let tonight’s meal be the first picnic of the seasoneven if you’re dining on a blanket in the living room.” What fun! Since we still have cooler weather here, our picnic just may be indoors, but I’m looking now for a flowery table cloth and some spring recipes to help us welcome in the new season!

I encourage parents to buy the book any time of the year and get started. There is no need to start in January… Do it now, not next week or next year! Mindful parenting is easy and fun, and its effects last forever.

From the back jacket:
“The ideas in Busy But Balanced are for the people who need them the most-those
of us out in the world putting our longings, goals, and ideas
into action and balancing that with creating a nourishing home
and deeply connecting with our children. It’s not about giving
up desire, but instead, creating a relationship with all aspects
of ourselves and our world. Rather than breathlessly grasping
at the shards of our lives, we can boldly and calmly expand
to embrace all aspects of it-alert and relaxed.”